Laying on Ceramic Coverings: New on Old


Often, existing old sites cannot be removed for reasons of time or cost. With sufficient quality and safe bonding of the old floor layers, their removal can be waived. This has the advantage that noise and dirt as well as time-consuming and cost-intensive preliminary actions are eliminated. A prerequisite for the application of a new ceramic covering is the sufficient load-bearing capacity and adhesion of the old covering to the substrate. Hollow plates must be removed and the resulting defects filled with repair tower mortar. In addition, the substrate must be carefully and residue-free of all components that reduce the damage. 


Silicone sealant


Flex joint


Flex adhesive mortar


Impact sound and decoupling
SoundSilent 7


Adhesive primer


Edge insulation strips


Substrate – old surface/floor

  1. Substrate – old surface/floor
  2. Edge insulation strips
  3. Adhesive primer
  4. Impact sound and decoupling SoundSilent 7
  5. Flex adhesive mortar
  6. Flex joint
  7. Silicone sealant

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